“Pinterest Perfect”…Isn’t

Dear Pinterest,

Thank you so much for becoming a “go-to” resource for truly everything under the sun. While I don’t use your website personally, I get to enjoy your services on so many different levels, and wanted to pass them along to you.

While I completely understand and support each and every company that “pins” amazingly perfect pictures to their boards, no one ever notices that those pictures don’t include the price tag to make it happen. By the time a young woman gets that “Pinterest perfect” ring on her finger (and her poor fiance has signed away his life to get it), she proudly boasts a whopping 318 “dream wedding” pictures on her board.  If calculated out, that “dream wedding” would cost the proud parents $1.3million (and what is the average divorce rate these days?).

Taking my love and admiration for “Pinterest perfect” up a notch…the happy couple inquire about our Event Production services. I, unaware of her 1.3 million dollar expectations, exchange several emails and finally get a modest budget out of her. My team and I invite them into the design studio, and our ideas and are met with a look of disappointment (insert reality check here). They are in no way “good enough” for her extraganza! Even though I have been doing my job for almost a decade, Miss “Pinterest Perfect” knows what all she can have (scratch that, is entitled to) and CLEARLY she needs to send her board to me so I can get clued in.

Now, several months ago everyone would have ended the appointment there with promises to look into it, only for me to go home and let my dogs count how many “WTH’s” I said (or maybe stronger). Nowadays, we jump on that bad boy right there and I, with pad and pencil and picture by picture, smash their “dream wedding versus reality” expectations (in a gentle way, of course). Naturally, the bride and groom leave my office unhappy, because what would I know?!? Miss Pinterest has been designing events (well, mainly just one) since the website emerged on the scene.  As expected, the ride home for Mr. And Mrs. “Un”Happy probably is just that. But the minute she hits the door she feverishly starts pinning to her “dream wedding” board and drafting a tweet about how “horrible” my company is for not “getting it.” She ends her horrific day (no thanks to me, of course) with a little prayer that the next Event Producer she meets with will “get” her vision!!


The Small Business / Event Production Company Owner that Refuses to Give Away “Pinterest Perfect” for Free

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